If you are looking for a seafood meal, you need to look no further than the Halibut. This seafood selection goes for $17 and features a sear-crusted fish with snow-white, flaky flesh joined by an irresistible thick, smoky, and spicy jambalaya risotto.

If you like Sichuan flavors, the Cucumber Carpaccio is a must-try. This selection features creative touches, excellent presentation, and generous size. At only $10 this is one of the selections with the greatest value. Ambrose and Eve’s whizzed together, tangy-and-creamy riff on 7-layer dip is also quite delightful.

Ambrose and Eve has a precedent for restricted items that are maintained on the menu when it undergoes a periodic overhaul. One of these items is the irresistible crispy Brussel Sprouts, which are uniquely tangy from garum, feathery shaved pecorino, and honey. Another mainstay is the built-for-two wedge salad. It goes for $11 and features a delightful pork-belly and an 8-minute egg. Going for only $9, the Liver and Onion selection has also established itself as a stalwart on Ambrose and Eve’s menu. It features jammy caramelized onions and a smooth chicken-liver mousse served like a parfait in a jar.

Since its launch, Ambrose and Eve has become quite a hit with Columbus natives and brings homegrown originality to a community overrun by chains. The establishment’s playful approach to food and what home means both as a sense of place and on the plate evokes an emotion that is not often felt when dining out. As chefs Randazzo and Heaggans permanently settle on South High Street, and as Ambrose and Eve becomes more sophisticated, the establishment might become a household name. All in all, in Ambrose and Eve, owners Mathew Heaggans and Catie Randazzo have brought to life a modern yet homey establishment that’s equal parts risk-taking and tradition. Ambrose and Eve’s menu pricing and organization may trip up a few diners but the playful dishes and beverages are more than welcome to the Brewery District. Go for a couple of shareable plates such as poached calamari, Asian-inspired beef tartare, or order the generous-sized fried chicken dinner and your palate will thank you for it. When ordering, it’s important to understand what a menu item comprises to ensure that you make the best choice. Whenever in doubt, the rule of thumb is to ask one of the staff members for more information on the selection that you would like to order. However, whatever you choose to have at Ambrose and Eve, you will most likely leave the establishment with a smiling face and thankful palate. You will be hard-pressed to find many better dining establishments in Columbus than Ambrose and Eve.

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